Supplements Used In Weight Loss And Bodybuilding Linked To Death In Us

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Is walking enough for weight loss?

Consumers are being warned not to take four products in the OxyELITE range: OxyELITE Pro Super Thermo capsules; OxyELITE Pro Ultra-Intense Thermo capsules; OxyELITE Pro Super Thermo powder and VERSA-1. The Food Safety Authority Ireland (FSAI) and the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) today jointly said that these products contain an ingredient called aegeline and are being investigated in the US where a large number of cases of non-viral hepatitis have been reported leading to people requiring liver transplants and a fatality. The products mentioned above have been identified for sale in theIrishretail sector and through online sources. The FSAI it telling retailers to immediately remove these products from sale and has told anyone who has these products at home not to consume them and to dispose of them.
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Weight-Loss Surgery Linked to Risk of Preemie Birth

13 (HealthDay News) Babies born to women whove had weight-loss surgery are more likely to be premature and to have low birth weights, a new study found. These pregnancies should be considered at-risk and require careful monitoring by doctors, said the researchers at the Karolinska Institute, in Sweden. The investigators compared more than 2,500 babies born between 1992 and 2009 to women whod had weight-loss surgery with a comparison group of 12,500 babies born to women who had not had this type of procedure, known as bariatric surgery. The analysis revealed that 5.2 percent of infants born to women whod had weight-loss surgery were small for gestational age and 4.2 percent were large for gestational age.
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Supplements used in weight loss and bodybuilding linked to death in US

To make walking an effective exercise for weight loss, one should stick to the 5 S formula dr oz garcinia cambogia Dr Nadkarni points out… “Stretch your muscles before and after walking. Muscles like the calf muscle, the quadriceps or the front thigh muscles and the hamstrings situated in the back portion of the thigh, need to be supple while walking. A good stretching session with “Vertical Yoga” can help these muscles give their best performance while walking. Vertical yoga is a set of standing Yoga postures, which can be performed before and after a walk.” “Strengthen your calf muscles by performing weight-training exercises, which will make your walk safe and prevent injuries.
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